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Never Slow Down With Your Long-Term Emergency Power Solution

Why wait until the power goes out to think of a backup plan? By that point, you could already lose important data or other essentials. With a reliable backup generator, you can stay one step ahead of the game and protect your most crucial assets.

Let the experts at Electri-Tech help you preserve your power with a new, energy-efficient generator.

How Does a Generator Work?

During long-term power outages, a generator will work miracles. It knows when to step in and help versus when to shut down and let your utility line take over.

When you lose power, your generator will turn on within seconds. Even better, a generator turns on automatically and requires zero work on your part. You can also choose if you want your generator to disperse power throughout your entire electrical system or to dedicated circuits connected to vital appliances.

Once the power is restored, the automatic transfer switch immediately puts your utility lines back in charge.

Why Invest in a Generator?

People who own generators quickly realize that the benefit of having 24/7 peace of mind far outweighs the cost.

Generators are also beneficial because they:

  • Keep your heat or air conditioning operating without interruption
  • Prevent your refrigerated perishables, medicine, etc., from spoiling
  • Prevent your security system from shutting down
  • Prevent data loss in computer systems
  • Keep everyone in your facility safe
  • Let customers know your business is still open

We’ll Help You Choose the Right System

Our electricians have worked with all types of generators. So we have the skills and experience to help you choose the right generator for your home or business. Working with your budget, usage expectations and other key factors, our experts will help you choose the most efficient, cost-effective system possible.

Consider a UPS System

Generators typically turn on within seconds. But when you have crucial data on your electronic devices, even the slightest disruption can be catastrophic.

With an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system, you can protect your data through every power outage. These systems constantly monitor the electricity flowing through your building and will turn on as a backup power source before you lose power. Our experts are well versed in UPS systems and can help you protect your assets with reliable, uninterrupted power.

Stay in Control With Electri-Tech

You depend on electricity in more ways than one, making it crucial to have a backup power source. That’s why Electri-Tech provides homes and businesses with quality generators. We’ll help you protect your power today—so that you can have all the power going forward.

Request a quote for your backup generator today. Or to speak with one of our team members, fill out our online form or call Electri-Tech at 609.476.0822 today.

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