UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) System

Protect Your Data Through Every Power Outage

In today’s data-driven world, we rely heavily on power. Even the slightest interruption or power surge can result in damages to revenue, productivity and more. Needless to say, power is something you can’t afford to lose.

With an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system, you’ll never have to.

How Does a UPS System Work?

A UPS system is like the brain of your electric. It knows exactly what’s happening with your electrical system and how to respond accordingly. For instance, if there is a sudden surge, spike or dip in your electricity, the UPS system knows to switch to AC power.

The system is always monitoring the voltage entering your home or business. It will anticipate power outages and take over to provide safe and reliable power. This allows you to keep your electronic devices running long enough to save all your data and safely shut down your systems.

What Are the Benefits?

There was a time when people couldn’t do anything to prevent power outages. Today, technology has come a long way to help people stay safe and productive, regardless of what’s happening outside. The beauty of UPS systems is that they give you all the power—literally!

With a UPS system, you can:

Protect your data. The UPS system will provide you with enough temporary power to save your data and properly shut down your computers and other electronic devices.
Supply your building with a safe amount of power. UPS systems protect against sudden spikes and surges. This allows you to continue using your electronic devices safely.
Save energy. Today’s UPS systems are very energy-efficient. Within just a few years, your system can actually pay for itself!
Keep everyone in your building safe. Reliable power protects the people in your building from injury, theft and other dangers.

Consider a Backup Generator

UPS systems buy you enough time to properly save your data and shut down your electronic devices. But if the power stays off for more than a few minutes, you’ll need a temporary power source to continue using electricity.

A backup generator will let you work uninterrupted. Our electricians can help you select the right generator for your home or business and install the system for you.

Get Started With Electri-Tech

An efficient UPS system can pay for itself within a few years. Even better, you won’t have to worry about losing your work and crucial data.

To enjoy 24/7 peace of mind with your own UPS system, request a quote from our team today. Or to speak with one of our representatives, fill out our online form or call Electri-Tech at 609.476.0822 today.

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