Access Control

Protect Your Business Assets

It’s important to maintain control over your facility, servers and other assets. Otherwise, your home or business becomes vulnerable to criminal activity.

If you’re searching for a higher level of security, consider the benefits of access control. You’ll have final say over who can access your resources and classified information. Best of all, you’ll have long-term peace of mind that everything is just as it should be.

What Are the Benefits of Access Control?

Many people think access control means having authority over who can enter a building. While this is true, today’s systems include much more advanced features and benefits, including:

Maximized control

  • Limit access to specific areas
  • Limit access to designated employees
  • Decide when employees are granted access (business hours, after hours, etc.)
  • Limit access in parking lots


  • Protect employees who work late or after hours
  • Prevent security breaches

Cost savings

  • Reduce administration costs
  • Save money with payroll by using access control to track attendance
  • Valuable return over lifetime


  • Keep your operations running smoothly and with less interruption
  • Reserve meeting rooms at certain times to stay organized and productive
  • Energy savings

    • Control amount of printing and photocopying
    • Reduce energy bills and carbon emissions

    Electri-Tech: The Team People Trust

    There’s a lot at stake with your security system. That’s why you don’t want just any company to service your electric. Helping homes and businesses stay safe since 1989, Electri-Tech Inc. is the team customers trust with their security.

    We’ll help you maintain a higher level of security by installing a reliable, cost-effective system. Our electricians are well versed in all types of systems to provide you with the best service possible.

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