Infrared Testing and Preventative Maintenance

“So, my electrical panel doesn’t have moving parts – what can go wrong?”

If you ever had this thought or have repeatedly walked by your panel without thinking to yourself maybe its time to have my panelboard looked at by a professional – you are sadly mistaken.  An electrical system is three times more likely to fail when there is no preventative maintenance.  Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

The Two top causes of electrical distribution failures are:

  1. Loose connections and loose parts
  2. Exposure to moisture

Both of these problems can easily be detected and corrective with simple preventative maintenance.

One of the simplest ways to detect these issues is through Infrared Testing or IR Thermal Imaging.

Infrared Thermography is a mouthful but is an extremely useful tool for electrical safety.  If requires no contact being made with components.  Which means that the components can be checked in a live state.  There is also no effect on the components or interruption in the electrical system during the testing.

Thermal Imager

Infrared Testing can indicate:

  • Loose or corroded electrical connections
  • Detect electrical unbalance and overloads
  • Overloaded cables
  • Overloaded fuses or breakers
  • Hot Spots
  • Damp or wet images

Problem areas or hot spots clearly shown on this thermal image 

It is estimated by insurance that nearly 25 percent of all electrical failures are attributed to faulty electrical connections.  Many insurance carriers are requiring facilities to conduct annual infrared surveys.  Infrared technology has evolved into one of the most effective technologies for preventing failures.

An infrared electrical thermography survey can result in significant savings:

  • Reducing the risk of electrical fire
  • Reduce risk of unplanned electrical outage
  • Determine if system has been properly installed
  • Reduces risk of equipment failure
  • Improve system performance
  • Increases safety
  • Improves Insurability

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