Acquisition Announcement

We are pleased to announce Whitestar/KIP’s acquisition by Electri-Tech, Inc. effective July 27, 2016. As of that date, Whitestar/KIP is officially doing business as Electri-Tech, Inc.

For over 35 years Whitestar/KIP served its customers under Butch and his wife JoAnn Ford’s vision of offering an unparalleled level of reliability, flexibility, and customer service within the electrical service field. Over that time, we have forged many long-term partnerships with clients requiring creative solutions, on-time service, and proactive communications. Ultimately, we believe Butch and JoAnn’s vision has been achieved. Now is the time to begin creating a new vision; one that produces even greater opportunities for our employees, associates, and most importantly, our customers.

This acquisition will benefit you, our valued customer, because it will significantly enhance our capabilities and allow us to provide a wider array of services with greater reach.

In addition, Electri-Tech, Inc. is a perfect fit with Whitestar/KIP because our organizations share many common values and attributes. Electri-Tech, Inc. was founded in 1989 by Mike Wallis a friend of Butch Ford. Mike moved to Hammonton, NJ when he was 6 years old and eventually married Joyce Olive a Hammonton native and cousin to JoAnn Ford. Mike and Joyce founded Electri-Tech upon the fundamental principles of Quality, Integrity and Professionalism. Both companies’ foundations are built upon flexibility, an ability to customize services, and a preference for building strong partnerships with our customers. The commonalities will produce a seamless integration of our companies’ philosophies and services.

If you have any questions about this exciting news and what it will mean for you, please contact us at any time. In the meantime, for your peace of mind we want to point out that some things will not change:

You will continue to work with many of the same people that you have in the past, as all of our employees are being retained in their current roles

Our Fee structure will not change

The services we have provided you in the past will continue to be offered by Electri-Tech, Inc.

Whitestar/KIP is grateful to you not only for giving us the opportunity to provide you electrical services, but for your loyalty and friendship over the time we have served you. We are confident that Electri-Tech, Inc. will continue to build upon our relationships and exceed your service expectations as we move forward together.


JoAnn Ford Joyce Wallis Chris Martucci
President, Whitestar/KIP CEO, Electri-Tech, Inc. President, Electri-Tech, Inc.

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