Reasons to Replace Your Circuit Breaker Panel

Your breaker box or panelboard (electrical panel) is the heart of your home’s electrical system.  It connects utility power lines to all the circuits that run throughout your home.  The panelboard is also the housing for your electrical system’s primary safety devices.  These devices are the circuit breakers that protect from overload and other threats.

The electrical panel is a relatively simple system; however, a number of problems can cause it to fail.  For example, faulty installation, inclement weather, sunlight, and obsolete products can cause your electrical system to break down and fail.

If this happens you should have your electrical panel serviced immediately by a qualified electrician.

There are still other issues that may arise the need for repair or replacement of parts of your electrical system.

For example, the cables that run from the pole on the street to your home are serviced by the local utility company.  However, the cable that runs between the mount and your electric meter is your responsibility.  You may find damaged insulation, loose cables or missing clamps.  Loose connections and frayed cable can cause loss of power and/or water infiltration into the components of your home’s electrical system.

Water and electricity do not play well together.  It is a deadly combination!  If your home has a leak or a drainage issue and moisture gets into your panel, stay away from it and contact an expert to deal with the problem immediately.

A new breaker box can help to prevent fires in your household. Furthermore, when your appliances work at peak efficiency, it adds value to your home.

You may need to upgrade your electrical system for several reasons. For instance:

  • You may have just remodeled
  • The panel might feel warm
  • The breakers may trip when you plug-in appliances
  • You have an outdated fuse box
  • You might notice a smell coming from your electrical panel
  • Your lights may flicker
  • You might hear buzzing or crackling coming from outlets
  • You may notice burn marks around receptacles

Any of the above issues warrant immediate attention.


If you own an older home, you should check to see if you have a Federal Pacific or a Zinsco panel.  These types of panels/breakers were installed in the 1950’s thru the 1980’s and they do not stand up to the current safety codes.  These panels are a high-risk fire hazard and you should replace them immediately.


Todays homes are power-hungry.  Homeowners run a growing number of appliances, HD TV;s computers, smart devices with all of their charging stations. 

If your electrical system is not adequate, it will overload and malfunction.  It is best to upgrade or replace your outdated electrical panel and install a new properly functioning electrical system.  An updated electrical system will prevent fires, make your appliances run better and add value to your property. It will also give you and your family the peace of mind you should have.

Working with electricity is dangerous and if it is done wrong, can cause personal injury and fire.  But you are not alone – call your local licensed electrical contractor for immediate help.

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